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Free legal resources, free legal chat, Laws411how to remove eviction records

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How can I remove an eviction record?

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Removing eviction records


How to remove an eviction record



Evictions can be very damaging to your ability to rent.

This program will assist you in removing an eviction record from your file, most evictions that are registered have been registered incorrectly or wrongfully, moving an eviction from your record should be done immediately.

Did you know the register of the eviction can be liable up to $35,000 in damages and libel?

Are you a landlord that needs to evict legally/correctly?

How to answer an Unlawful Detainer or an Eviction order.

This program shows you simple step by step how to get it removed along with the correct legal forms to demand that it be removed from record.

Included with this eviction record program


 Eviction Records
 Full contact information on who to contact

 Correct legal form and terminology to DEMAND removal
 How potential landlords find out about you
 Blacklists (Yes your name is on it; Blacklist's Exist!)
 What the law requires to register your name
 When the law does NOT ALLOW your name to be registered
 Civil Code's

 What a register will do even when the law states other wise!
 What a register will do when you are un-aware of the law
 How registers of evictions break civil codes
 How they get away with it based on the public not knowing
 Your rights to recourse
 Dollar amounts that the register is liable for non-removal and penalties
 Correct legal forms to submit
 Names addresses, telephone #'s Email addresses, fax numbers of agents  founders presidents drawn from corporate and public records that you can  directly serve and contact.
 How to find out who your landlord is
 Civil codes for disclosure
 Overview of process
 Finding out the Title holders
 Obtaining landlords business name and records
 Database search for names (Searchable interactive just type names in)
 Public records database search (Searchable interactive just type names in)
 Finding out business entities
 Corporation database search (Searchable interactive just type names in)
 Digging deeper
 County recorders directory
 Research tools
 How to accumulate other tenants and from other locations to build cases
 Legal reasons for evictions
 Municipal codes
 Types of eviction notices and when they can be used.
 Unlawful detainer (Eviction process)
 Unlawful detainer process (Eviction process)
 Method of service required to make it legal
 Unlawful detainer legal forms and instructions
 Overview of the eviction process
 How to respond to an unlawful detainer process (Eviction process)
 Eviction of un named occupants
 Appearing in court
 After the courts decision
 Writ of possession
 Setting aside a default judgment
 Terminations and eviction responding a more in depth look
 Terminating tenants
 Written notices of termination
 How to respond to an eviction notice
 Proper service of notices

 Verifying a tenants eviction record

 When eviction records do not appear on credit reports

 Glossary and terms eviction dictionary
 Tenant lawyer and legal assistance database

 Do you need an interpreter?
 What are the reasons your landlord can evict you? 
 What type of eviction notice must your landlord give you?
 How is the eviction notice delivered?
 How is the Unlawful Detainer Action started?
 How do you answer the Summons and Complaint?
 What if your Summons tells you to pay your rent to the court?
 How do you deliver your Answer, Notice of Appearance, or Certification?
 Where do you file your original Answer, Notice of Appearance and Certification?
 What if your Summons requires you to Answer the Complaint personally?
 What happens if you receive an Order to Show Cause?
 What happens at the Show Cause Hearing?
 What if you want to have your case decided by a jury?
 What happens if you move out before the Answer deadline or the show cause hearing?
 What happens if your case is set for trial?
 What happens if you do not answer the Summons and Complaint or you  lose at the Show Cause hearing or trial?
 How long does the eviction process take and how much can it cost?
 What if you and your landlord want to settle your case?
 Where can you get legal help if you are being evicted?


Correct your record now and know your rights


Eviction Program is $39 Immediate Access


Yes I need to get started right away

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